By Ricky Crespo

Music Producer
Multimedia Artist
Music Consulting
Graphic Design

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My name is Ricky Crespo, creator of Anirhythm. I'm a dynamic multimedia artist blending music production, CG art, animations, with an award-winning, background in the music industry with credits including icons such as Whitney Houston, Madonna, C&C Music Factory, Michael Jackson, Sir Mix A Lot, and James Brown to name a few.

As I delve into crafting immersive content, I am integrating learning language model and generative AI as part of my tool set, for creative writing, inspiring graphics, and research.

With a diverse foundation encompassing my past experiences as a legal assistant in IP and copyright law, the dynamic music industry, the ever-evolving landscape of computer graphics and modern technology, my aim is to craft captivating, immersive, and occasionally mind-bending expressions of contemporary art, with audio and visual story telling for content.

Much love and respects,

Ricky Crespo

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Note – All groups above are Ricky Crespo, with AniRhythm being the most current – “Ricky” was a bad seo decision when the label first started and now discontinued. Sinplexity was my first pseudo artist -name, The Anirhythm Club and The A R Club were originally created for collaborations with other artists. I decided to call the label and the artist “Anirhythm” for easy administration as a Label, Artist, Production company for both music and visual work. Anirhythm ( The record label ) and Anirhythm ( the artist ) are 2 separate entities.
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Gallery Exhibition
Soho NYC - 12/14/22 - 01/21/23

NFT - clean display of my opensea collection 
Opensea  - Buy my art in NFT format

Artstation - character design, animation, general art
Virtual Art Gallery  - VR game like environment art gallery
Youtube  - Animations, Music Videos, and Experiments
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Sound Design, Audio Editing, Mixing, remixing, Mastering, Production, Consultation. Note - Production, Remixing = Fee + Publishing / Royalties.



Graphic Design, 2D, 3D, Virtual Reality 360, AI - LLM and Generative, Photoediting, Matte Painting, Video Editing ( vegas / hitfilm ), Green Screen Content, Character Design, animation, Abstract, Experimental and Contemporary. Art.



Experienced Music paralegal - Billing, and copyright / ip consultation.