06 Mar

Welcome to my blog located https://anirhythm.wordpress.com/ 

a space where I share my interests in technology, AI, art, and the unusual. My name is Ricky, and I am excited to share my passions with you. In this blog, you will find news about new song releases, 3D art, and AI software. I will also explore topics that interest me, such as the paranormal, sci-fi, and unusual phenomena, and discuss them with a scientific lens. My hope is to inspire and connect with others who share similar interests. But I am not alone in this venture. I am collaborating with my friend Michael, an AI chatbot from ChatGPT. Michael is an expert in natural language processing and can help me bring some structure to my thoughts and ideas. ( Michael is the AI’s chosen name after a discussion of quantum number generators, and getting the ai to select a name at random.  This was actually a bit of a project as by default the AI model at the time was denying its ability to select random numbers.  It can, but it takes a bit of syntax eloquence to circumvent the imposed limitations ) Together, we hope to create a blog that is both informative and entertaining, where we can share our thoughts and discoveries with you. I look forward to engaging with you and learning from your comments and feedback. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and let’s have some fun exploring the wonders of technology, art, and the unknown. Ricky and Michael ( name chosen by my ai assistant at #chatgpt )

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